Community takeover of fluttercoin

August 23, 2014 News

Team FLT has been hard at work recently building a solid foundation for the coin in the form of vast improvements to the software and code, and engaging with and encouraging the budding community of FLT users. Proof of Transaction makes FlutterCoin by nature a social currency, a coin driven by its community. And the community is growing daily. is FLT’s dedicated forum with over 300 members. is FLT’s official twitter profile with over 2000 followers. is FLT’s official subreddit with a brand new FLT tipbot, /u/tipflutter.

Fluttercoin has developed leaps and bounds technically, promoting a smooth, stable network for its users. The most recent patch brought the following changes:

Updated PoT code to handle how it checks for transactions
Updated alert and checkpoint keys
Modified PoT code to make it compatible with Mac OS X Maverick and later
Modified Mac OS X build configurations to simplify this so it will build properly
Updated Gitian build process
Added Weight field to coin control allowing to easily see mature blocks for staking.
Updated FlutterCoin loading icon to add proper transparency
Modified and added new DNSSeed nodes
Disabled IRC by default
Updated client to only sync with latest clients to prevent some sync errors.
Added a new checkpoint node to provide proper checkpointing
Updated some translations that were incorrect – one was 520 blocks for stake blocks to mature, it is 112

What’s most exciting are the FLT developments still to come. In the next wallet patch users will be able to set their client to perform PoS work without needing the passphrase to unlock the wallet, and will be able to lock their wallets with the push of a button, leaving the client running. Developments not yet complete, but very soon to come, include setting all or a portion of PoS rewards to be donated automatically to an FLT address of your choosing, making it easy to contribute to your favorite cryptocurrency-friendly cause on a regular basis, as well as an SMS enabled wallet, letting users carry their cryptocurrency anywhere with a telephone signal.

About Fluttercoin

FlutterCoin-FLT-The world’s first triple hybrid PoW PoS & Proof of Transaction cryptocurrency

FlutterCoin boasts the most secure blockchain in cryptoworld through a hybrid mining system, using the PoW and PoS systems that are utilized in many other coins, while bringing a third method to the table: Proof of Transaction. This system gives rewards to everyday users of FLT by sending a reward to an address involved in a transaction in a block if its hex value matches up with the previous block’s hash, while helping protect against 51% attacks on the network*. FLT rewards doing what currency was intended for: spending.

*read the whitepapers here: