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New and exciting changes to the Fluttercoin Wallet!

December 9, 2014


There has been an exciting overhaul of the Fluttercoin GUI along with several other features.       1) Flutterspeed: Flutterspeed is a way to quickly speed up the download of the block chain on a new installation. It can also be used to quickly recover from a corrupted block chain.   2) Fluttershare: Although […]

Announcing FlutterSpeed and FlutterShare

October 14, 2014


Team FLT is proud to announce ‘FlutterSpeed’ and ‘FlutterShare’, the newest additions and improvements to the Fluttercoin wallet. After much conversation and debate, Team FLT along with new members from their recruiting process, have worked with its developers on further solidifying the strong core of the Fluttercoin wallet. Fluttercoin is and always will be a […]

Community takeover of fluttercoin

August 23, 2014


Team FLT has been hard at work recently building a solid foundation for the coin in the form of vast improvements to the software and code, and engaging with and encouraging the budding community of FLT users. Proof of Transaction makes FlutterCoin by nature a social currency, a coin driven by its community. And the community […]

Proof-of-Transaction Potential

August 22, 2014


One of the biggest challenges for any virtual currency is usage. Regardless of the technology a currency features, its worthless if it’s not being spent. Those who follow alt-coin’s know just how difficult it is to gain vendor acceptance. Part of the problem is people prefer to hoard their coins rather than use them, incase […]