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Exclusive Interview with the Fluttercoin – FLT Team

October 14, 2014

In The Press

Fluttercoin – FLT, was launched early this year and soon raised a big number of followers. All was going well to the FLT team, but after a series of PnD and a hard fork with the coin’s code the initial developers failed to resolve the issue and abandoned the project. At this time this coin had already reunited a big and strong community who took their sleeves up and decided they would have to resolve these issues in order to save the coin.

Altcoin Hearld interview with TeamFLT.

In The Press

We recently had the opportunity to chat with TeamFLT – the folks behind Fluttercoin – and learned that this coin has underwent a number of changes, including a community takeover.

After overcoming this initial setback that resulted with many other Altcoins being tossed atop the funeral pyre, Fluttercoin is stronger than it’s ever been, but we’ll let TeamFLT tell their story in their own words.